Exhibition at Carcassonne “Onikko Pray and Play”

Date:  2014. July 6-July 30
Place: Maison du Chevalier

“The SHINTO is the deepest expression of the ancient culture of Japan, its origin dates back to the beginning of time, it is similar to the animistic religions of ancient shamanistic peoples of Siberia. HAZE invites us to the meeting of its ONI (two-horn-monster), small recurring characters in the Japanese tradition, representations of good and evil spirits, very present in B. D. in animation at MIYAZAKI, they resist time.

HAZE is an important artist in the young Japanese generation.

MAISON DU CHEVALIER-Galerie art Contemporain- Jean-Marc TILCKÉ”
(ex-professor of Phirosophy and Arts at Solbonne University & owning contemporary gallery for 35 years)