conglatuation oni

鬼 Oni devil


ONIs are legendary Japanese creatures with human-like bodies that have two horns.
It is said to have originated in China and was originally a word for spirit or soul. In Japan, it was pronounced “onu” (hidden). As everything in Japan undergoes its own unique changes, “oni” also changed into a uniquely Japanese word. I create my works with an awareness of the hidden aspect of “onu,” especially the ancestral spirits.

History belongs to those who rule. However, we are here today only because of those who were ruled. I create my works with a prayer for such hidden and forgotten beings. As the old saying goes, “might is right” and only the history of the victor remains. Of course,It is what it is. However, I would like to pray and be thankful for the fact that we exist today because of the existence of many beings whose names have not yet been recorded in history.

The motif of “ONIs” in ancient Japanese mythology suggests that they were once worshipped as gods.





first oni devil
1st ONI  synthetic polymer on canvas  91 x 72 cm  2017