Theo HAZE(テオヘイズ)

Contemporary artist. Born in Kobe.
He was taken by his father from an early age and spent his weekends in the mountains. Perhaps because of that, he comes to feel the memory of the land and the existence floating in the invisible world.

He studied under Shozo Shimamoto, a former Gutai Art Association at an art school, and encountered the requiescats instrument “Tsugaru Shamisen” (Japanese guitar) while attending school. He digs into demons and mythological legends in various places with his own antenna with one hand of an instrument, and plays the shamisen in shrines and temples in various parts of Japan, sacred places in Japan and abroad, Ground Zero on 9.11, and disaster areas on 3.11.

There he began to produce his work from the experience he gained. His style, which expresses the memories and mystical experiences of his land in a pop world view, has been highly evaluated overseas such as France, the United States, and Hong Kong, and is collected in various fields.

His latest work, the Wall on Wall series, develops the world view so far, and draws a free-spirited state on the wall as a personal mural with the theme of space and ancient times, transcending national and timely, somewhere on the wall. It is produced assuming that it is listed in.




最新作であるWall on Wallシリーズは、これまでの世界観を発展させ、宇宙・古代をテーマに自由闊達な境地を個人的壁画としてウォールに描き、国や時代を超えてウォールに掲げられるために制作している。



“The SHINTO is the deepest expression of the ancient culture of Japan, its origin dates back to the beginning of time, it is similar to the animistic religions of ancient shamanistic peoples of Siberia. HAZE invites us to the meeting of its ONI (two-horn-monster), small recurring characters in the Japanese tradition, representations of good and evil spirits, very present in B. D. in animation at MIYAZAKI, they resist time.

HAZE is an important artist in the young Japanese generation.

MAISON DU CHEVALIER-Galerie art Contemporain- Jean-Marc TILCKÉ” (ex-professor of Phirosophy and Arts at Solbonne University & owning contemporary gallery for 40 years)

< History >
2004年 イタリア プレ ベネチア ビエンナーレにて嶋本昭三と「女拓と三味線とのコラボレーション」
2012年    バリ島/霊地アグン山等での津軽三味線奉納演奏
2013年    9-12月 南フランスのアーティストインレジデンスに滞在し、作品制作と個展を開催。
2014年   4月 パリにて1ヶ月間の個展(@Mr.Lo Gallery)
2014年   6月南仏カルカッソンヌにて1ヶ月間の展示会を開催(@Maison du Chevalier 現代美術ギャラリー)
2016年   6-9月 南仏にてグループ展(@Maison du Chevalier 現代美術ギャラリー)
2019年   5月 奈良・大神神社に絵画「黒陽」の奉納
2021年  2月  兵庫県立美術館ギャラリー棟個展「鬼の回帰・テオヘイズ展」
2021年  7月  阪急百貨店うめだ本店 H. P. FRANCE共催「Rooms Journey」エシカルアート展示

  2019 Sep. Collected by GUESS founder family, Mr. Marciano

Selected History: 

  • Graduated from Takarazuka University, B.A. of Fine Art in 2001, studying under Shozo SHIMAMOTO (GUTAI group).
  • 2021 July Exhibition at Hankyu Umeda-honten H. P. FRANCE “Rooms Journey”
  • 2021 Feb. Solo Exhibition at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, gallery tower (Hyogo, Japan)
  • 2019 May Dedication of drawing “Black Sun” to Omiwa shrine (Nara, Japan)
  • 2016 Jun.-Sep. Group-exhibition at Maison du Chevalier in Carcassonne(France)
  • 2014 Jun. Duo-exhibition at Maison du Chevalier in Carcassonne (France)
  • 2014 Apr-May Solo-exhibition at Mister LO Gallery in Paris (France)
  • 2013 Nov. Exhibition at Art space in Aigue Vives (France)
  • 2013 Sep-Dec. Artist in residence in Puicheric (France)
  • 2012 Exhibition at Cafe Angkasa, Ubud Bali (Indnesia)
  • 2004 Shamisen(Japanese traditional guitar) performance in pre-event for Venice Biennale with Shozo SHIMAMO (Italy)